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Types of Cats
Lions, Tigers, Jaguars and many more…

There are many different types of cats, many of them endangered due to being hunted by man for all sorts of reasons and also their habitat is being destroyed with the constant chopping down of the rain forests.

There are many charities that are fighting to save these animals and whenever I have some spare cash from my artwork or this website, I always donate what I can to help.

We have some great videos to share with you, there are a couple of Jaguar Cats and one of them attacks a pigeon plus a video of a Sumatran Tiger really close up.


There were two Jaguar Cats in the enclosure and one of them jumped up the cage and actually hit a pigeon and if you watch the video carefully you can see it falling to the ground…


We have some fabulous Lion pictures, these fantastic animals are sadly classed as 'Endangered Species'…


What cute cats Ocelots are, they were really playful and full of life…

I think Ocelots would make great caricatures, I would give them really long eyelashes, they look very girly.

Snow Leopard

These gorgeous Leopards lived for around 15 years in the wild, in captivity they will live a bit longer, about 20 years…

Do you want to see some cute cats? Have a look at the Snow Leopards page, there is a baby Snow Leopard all snuggled up to it's mum, really cute…

Sumatran Tiger

Read all about the Sumatran Tiger, it is not always easy to take a tiger picture, sometimes reflections and cage wires get in the way…

Animal Names

We have put together a list of the following:

  • Animal scientific names
  • Young animal names

As we add new animals to our website, we will update our list.

I will hopefully be adding a few animal sounds to our big cats, that should be interesting, I love the deep loud growl of the big cats, they make no effort to make such a loud deep base noise, great stuff.

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